The Dot You Can Trust

At EURid, the non-profit organisation that operates the .eu and .ею top-level domains, we don’t just strive for excellence, we live it.

From the start, we have worked towards building a trustworthy online space that allows for self-expression and business development to thrive.

Why you should register a .eu or .ею domain name


If you want your products and services to be considered when consumers make their purchase decisions, having an effective online presence is crucial. With a website that signals internationality and speaks to potential customers around the globe, you broaden your market exponentially.


A website with a .eu or .ею domain name extension tells your customers that you are a legal entity based in the EU, Iceland, Liechtenstein or Norway and are therefore, subject to EU law and other relevant trading standards.

We help protect you and your customers online

We provide a DNSSEC protocol which is a security measure that reduces the chance your customers will be led to phishing or other ill-intentioned websites.

Our Registry Lock Service can be used to protect your domain names against potential unintended changes such as deletions or transfers.

We support multiple languages

Your domain name can contain characters from any official EU language script. We also provide assistance in all the official EU languages. Read more about IDNs

Express Your Identity

Your domain name can contain characters from any official EU language script, providing you with the ability to fully express yourself online.

Share Your Story

As the backbone of our organisation, our domain name holders never cease to amaze us. Through their meaningful work and sense for innovation, they have put Europe on the map in terms of online communication.

Success is a two way street, which is why we aim to build strong relationships with our domain name holders. Together, we can achieve the impossible.